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March 25, 2018

My team has recently been focused on a huge backend migration, and as a result we haven't been doing much frontend lately. Seeing as our sprint tasks were finished, I picked up what I thought would be a tiny little CSS fix from the backlog. I've been eager to get some CSS experience in. I also had just finished a couple great tutorials in this series, HTML & CSS Is Hard, where I learned a little bit more about advanced positioning and Flex. 

The task? Make the image in a side panel in our embedded checkout modal fixed at the top of the panel, so that with enough content, the image would stay fixed while the rest of the content scrolled behind it. Essentially, the image should be sticky and not scroll away when scrolling.

Below is the before behavior. As you can see, the entire panel scrolls, the image going with it. There's also a fun unexpected little right border on the image. 

When I started investigating a fix, I saw that the side panel used display: table, which I thought was curious...

March 23, 2018

My very first tech conference experience! Three days of intense knowledge trying to squeeze itself into my brain. It was so good getting some time to focus on frontend learning after so many weeks of working on backend projects at work.

Day 1 was the Fundamentals Conference, a good lineup of basics in React and related technologies, while days 2-3 were for Advanced topics. The Advanced days were more challenging for me to understand, partly because a lot of the talks seemed to be about very experimental or far-out there technologies or ideas. The practical ones were great though!

 A few links to some of my favorite talks' slides: 

March 7, 2018

I got a great 2.5 hour lesson in data structures from my manager yesterday. 

I had asked for help with data structures because I've only encountered about three types (list, dictionary/object, set) in my programming but recently came across another type I wasn't familiar with -- the QUEUE!

We went through this resource as a starting point and also to narrow down the data structures into the most commonly known ones. 

I've learned that I'm a visual learner, so I've started bringing these giant sheets of paper to our lessons. Then, throughout the lesson I'm taking notes and drawing visuals, ensuring that I actually understand what is being discussed. It helps me reinforce what I'm learning and also gives me the opportunity to ask clarifying questions I otherwise may have been hesitant to ask. If it's not clear enough for me to articulate into words or a drawing on the sheet, then I know I need to ask more questions. 

Here's what we ended up with, three giant sheets of beautiful notes on 13 d...

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