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Who knew data structures could be fun?

March 7, 2018

I got a great 2.5 hour lesson in data structures from my manager yesterday. 


I had asked for help with data structures because I've only encountered about three types (list, dictionary/object, set) in my programming but recently came across another type I wasn't familiar with -- the QUEUE!


We went through this resource as a starting point and also to narrow down the data structures into the most commonly known ones. 


I've learned that I'm a visual learner, so I've started bringing these giant sheets of paper to our lessons. Then, throughout the lesson I'm taking notes and drawing visuals, ensuring that I actually understand what is being discussed. It helps me reinforce what I'm learning and also gives me the opportunity to ask clarifying questions I otherwise may have been hesitant to ask. If it's not clear enough for me to articulate into words or a drawing on the sheet, then I know I need to ask more questions. 


Here's what we ended up with, three giant sheets of beautiful notes on 13 different data structures. I should get all my notes bound into a book or something. :)






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December 17, 2018

March 23, 2018

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